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…is a series of works inspired by an invitation from University of Oregon opera professor, Laura Wayte, to create artwork for her November 13, 2015 vocal concert, Mortal Sphere.

This series of 2D and 3D work introduces a set of figures that have come to represent archetypal family members to me: Mother, Father, Child etc.

Curiously, the images of people in these pieces don’t actually appear to be singing or vocalizing. Instead, I think of them as characters, sometimes sad, longing or conflicted, that an opera may be written about. Their interactions and relationships are tonal - as are our thoughts - existing like sound, or silence, in the spaces between us, expressing longing, lament, passion or other desires.

Along with the human figures, The Paper Horse, which first emerged in some sculptural work I did in the ‘80s, has resurfaced during this project. It comes to me as a representation of the internal force, or drive, we experience individually that has no regard for exterior circumstance or reason: exceedingly strong and energetic one moment, delicately fragile and transient the next.

Figures from an Opera
a concert collaboration

Lillian Almeida