(kun - stahn’ - kuh)

art thought

We formed Kunstanke to support

each other in artistic growth and development

As Kunstanke,

we have a wide ranging perspective on art and life

that broadens our vision for our own work.

We meet monthly for generously honest

critique of our work and besides

we have a lot of fun.


artists thinking and talking about art.

Fun facts about Kunstanke:

Our members have lived in at least

13 different countries and visited more than 63.

Travels have covered every continent except Antarctica.

We have lived in 20 different states within the US,

from coast to coast, border to border and a lot in between.

Altogether we have lived in more than 77

different cities and towns worldwide.

Together we have several decades of art education and

over two centuries of art making experience

that temper the art education.

Our work encompasses art techniques of all kinds

from metal casting and installation art to

murals, art books, fiber arts and

many methods of painting and drawing

plus photography, digital arts, and

so on and so forth.

Art thought. Art talk.