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Jimmie Beardsley has enjoyed a wide and varied career as an artist, muralist and designer. She even has a few movie credits. Currently, Jimmie is focusing on encaustic work that features a rich glowing surface and nuanced color. Jimmie is also a signature member of International Encaustic Artists.  See Jimmie’s recent work in Blinded by Enchantment.

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Artist’s Statement

Art is an act of discovery.

A way to communicate with the various parts of ourselves.

At times it’s the spiritual; the humorous, or the naughty that gets to be experienced.

But, ultimately it’s the joy of the process ; as is life.

This is the way I experience the deepest parts of me, with the profound hope that it will touch the viewer in some way.

Working in wax does give me the pleasure of the translucent; 

art itself, the pleasure of the transcendent.

I feel I’ll always continue to study and explore art as a way to see and hear my own voice intermingled with all others.

- Jimmie Beardsley

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