Jimmie Beardsley, SF Bay area artist, Contra Costa artist Jimmie Beardsley, encaustic artist Jimmie Beardsley,  artist Jimmie Beardsley


Phyllis Lasche, SF Bay Area artist, Contra Costa artist, encaustic artist Phyllis Lasche, painter, mixed media artist Phyllis Lasche, Diablo Valley artist, Livermore artist,

Kunstanke artists group, 8 SF Bay Area artists supporting each other, making, thinking and talking about art art

TaVee Paine Magner, SF Bay Area artist, TaVee Paine Magner Contra Costa artist, figurative artist TaVee Magner, oil painter, TaVee Magner artist

Myra Latkin, SF Bay Area artist, Contra Costa artist Myra Latkin, watercolor artist, Myra Latkin, Livermore artist Myra Latkin

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(kun - stahn’ - kuh)

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