Phyllis Lasche


Artist Statement

I am an abstract painter of nature.  I am not interested in reproducing nature visually, but rather the experience of exploring the natural world.  As I paint, my mind turns to the wind in the pines, the smell of wet leaves, the feel of grasses and weathered granite, and the intensity and variation of colors – reds, greens, blues, browns - in the natural world.  I employ opposing energies of meditation and action to reference the processes of nature that produce these sensory delights as well as the moments of discovering such things.

I approach each painting as a chance to explore juxtapositions of color, texture and marks.  I begin each piece by focusing my mind inward to a private exploration of memories of the natural world.  By layering color fields, then scraping  and incising into the surface, I attempt to represent not only the bits of energy and material left behind in the act of exploring the natural world, but the unexpected joys and scars inevitably accrued in the effort.

For the last several years, I have been painting with cold wax and oil paint.    This medium allows me to create surfaces that suggest accumulation, weathering, and moments of clarity over time, echoing the experience of exploration. Through the choices I make in each painting, I hope to invoke wonder at the mysterious fact of life itself.

- Phyllis Lasche