Recovery Coloring Pages


The idea for this website came to merge two concepts - first that kids love to see their Art work displayed on the refrigerator and second that short positive sayings  (adages, slogans, mottos) benefit adults both mentally and emotionally.  That is why the twelve step programs AA and Alanon both use slogans.

Several years ago I put together slogan coloring pages.   These pages and crayons were left at the local 12 Step meeting place for the entertainment of any children who had to be there because of their parents.  Soon the clubhouse was brightened as the uniquely colored slogans were being hung up on the walls. 

My hope is that you will download pages for your own use and print off an extra 30 or so for your local clubhouse to carry on this twelve step service.

If you want to contribute, I would love to add your pages too. Send in your favorite slogan with a picture.   Send the work to in PDF file, Word document, or Printshop, or mail pages to Coloring Pages, 8466 Coors Loop Arvada, CO  80005.   Check the link SLOGANS WITHOUT GRAPHICS for ideas.

In keeping with Tradition please recognize that we are not representing or even affiliated with AA or Alanon or any other twelve step program.  

No money or donations are requested for these coloring sheets.   There will be bad Karma if you print these out for your personal gain, but you can print them out for use by your local group in anyway you desire.  Just put an extra buck in the basket of your favorite meeting and “keep coming back”. 


Recovery Coloring Pages

Twelve step slogans & coloring pages

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