Whether working with photographs, painting, or interactive installations, conceptual and process art principles underpin my methods. Not only is my choice of medium chosen to serve the idea but my working intention is continually refined by continuous dialog with each piece as it develops.

My work is about inner life, specifically the contemplative. Influenced by Asian aesthetics, my paintings echo Japanese scrolls in their flat spaces, retain imperfections such as partially revealed layers and scratches, and often suggest a state of impermanence. Upon close viewing, a subtle complexity invites one to pause - to shift scales of interest, to reflect on transformative moments, to turn aside external stimuli - to go inward to the "here and now".

My handling of paint is loose and expressive, reflecting imperfectly negotiating life; atmospheric and textured, referencing efforts to penetrate nature's sublime mysteries; layered yet scraped, incised and dissolved, hinting at history beneath the surface. In the resulting abstracted imagery is a sense of something missing, lost or forgotten, a melancholy.