TaVee McAllister Lee

IN the WAKE: Tamera Avery and TaVee McAllister Lee

Installed just as the Covid-19 Shelter in Place Orders went into effect in the San Francisco Bay Area on March 17, 2020, the exhibition could be viewed in the real only for a two week period,
July 1st - July 18th at GearBox Gallery, masks and social distancing required.

TaVee McAllsiter Lee, Torn, paper fragment installation, 10 x 16"

In the wake of COVID-19, this show remained installed and unseen for weeks. A video tour was made available online and in the final 2 weeks of the exhibition, the gallery opened to the public.

One might wonder what Tamera Avery’s huge oil paintings have in common with TaVee McAllister Lee’s seemingly fragile torn paper constructions. Avery’s paintings have a bold presence. This is partly due to their scale – one painting is 78” x 112” – but more so to the strangely costumed figures that find themselves in vast landscapes. She invites us into an alien yet familiar world that can be both lyrically beautiful and foreboding.

Both artists are story tellers. They are encouraging us to do what all good artists do, to not only observe the artistry of their work but to do a bit of soul searching in the process. They take us on a journey of discovery. In the Wake asks us to engage in some of the prescient social and political issues of our time.

TaVee McAllister Lee’s constructions, by contrast, drift lightly over the wall surface, pinned such that they cast delicate shadows. On cursory glance they might look like a flutter of butterflies or falling leaves but on closer scrutiny one begins to realize that her work, like Avery’s, has a serious and mindful presence.

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